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The Uninstaller for Macs is currently not available in the Mac App Store. We are working on an update to meet Apple's requirements.

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AppDelete Lite

AppDelete Lite is a special version of AppDelete made for the Mac App Store. AppDelete Lite has all of the core features of AppDelete and is slightly modified to meet the Mac App Store guidelines. The main difference between AppDelete and AppDelete Lite is that AppDelete Lite cannot move password-protected files that are found to the trash (App Store apps cannot ask for passwords). The user must do this manually. Keep in mind that it only takes a moment to do this by clicking on the pathname links in the AppDelete Lite Info panel and revealing these items in Finder, and then moving them to the trash. The files found by AppDelete and AppDelete Lite are the same and there is no difference in the quality of uninstalling.

Other differences in AppDelete Lite:

* Installing from Archive (you can still make an archive and reinstall it manually)
* AppDelete workflow (contextual menu item)
* Undo (Undo and Put Back in Finder will work on manually deleted files)
* Orphans feature
* Hidden mode
* AppDelete tools

These features might be added back in the future if the App Store guidelines are updated to allow them. The good news is that AppDelete Lite is cheaper than AppDelete to make up for the differences, and you can Upgrade at anytime (see Pricing and Upgrades below). My recommendation would be AppDelete as that is the main version with no limitations and automatic updates. However, if purchasing from the Mac App Store is a priority for you then AppDelete Lite will do a great job! Also, this video will help you understand the Lite version better - Tutorial

Latest Release:

Version 4.3.2 - Release Date 2/17/2019 - 4.8 MB - Release Notes

System Requirements:

Intel Mac running OS 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher (macOS Catalina compatible)

Pricing and Upgrades:

You can purchase and download AppDelete Lite for $3.99 via the Mac App Store. You can also upgrade from AppDelete Lite to the full AppDelete version for the difference in price ($3.99) anytime via credit/debit card or PayPal which accepts all forms of payment (no account is necessary). After purchase you will receive a confirmation email containing your registration details (please check your Purchase Address/Spam if it doesn't arrive).
Request Upgrade - (Note: upgrading to AppDelete will not be via the Mac App Store)

Additional Info:

For an overview of what AppDelete Lite does please visit the main AppDelete page. There is no trial for AppDelete Lite only for AppDelete. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch via Support (expect a personal response within 24 hours). And users running OS 10.6.6 - 10.7.2 will still receive AppDelete Lite Version 3.2.10 from the App Store.