Installing a VidConvert Conversion Engine is a quick and simple process that needs to be done by the user. It will only take a minute and then setup will be complete and you will be ready to use VidConvert. For the easiest (and recommended) way just follow the 3 steps below and if you have any questions during installation please contact Support via email or watch this Video.

Installing the Conversion Engine:

1. Visit this site Here to download a Conversion Engine (FFmpeg). Select the appropriate download for your system.
2. After your download is complete double-click it (should be a .zip file) to reveal an ffmpeg executable.
3. Open VidConvert and in the menu bar choose File > Add Conversion Engine and select the ffmpeg executable. The ffmpeg executable will be relocated and VidConvert is now ready to use! (Alternatively you can drag the executable onto the VidConvert window.)

Additional Information:

For VidConvert to use a Conversion Engine it needs to be named ffmpeg. It is also possible to compile your own (visit this site Here for a guide) or to use from another source, for any questions please contact Support. Also, although this is a one-time setup it's advised to repeat this process from time to time to always be updated. FFmpeg is a trademark of Fabrice Bellard.